Index and ETP product development expertise and more


Getting Products to Market

 With 25 years of experience I am a financial services professional with a focus on product development / management, marketing and education. I am adept at viewing problems from various stakeholder perspectives and developing multifaceted solutions often requiring intellectual, interpersonal and technical skills and have consistently proven to not only be able to conceptualize “the big idea”, but to marshal the resources to execute the solution. 


Online financial research tool that helps save by finding low-cost ETF alternatives to Mutual Funds.

 Portformer™ is an online financial research tool that helps RIAs save money for their clients by finding low-cost ETF alternatives to existing Mutual Fund investments. 


 Tematica Research, LLC provides investors with equity research, economic insights, and investment ideas based upon its proprietary thematic view of the world and financial markets. 


  EQM Indexes LLC is a woman-owned firm dedicated to creating and supporting innovative indexes that track growth industries and emerging investment themes. 


I'm always interested to hear about new challenges. What problem do you need solved?

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